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National Center for the Veteran Institute for Procurement
Providing Training to Veterans

The Veteran Institute for Procurement [VIP] is the country’s first-ever program to train veteran small business owners to succeed in the federal contracting market.

Since its first session held on September 10, 2009, the Montgomery County Community Foundation's VIP actively serves veterans by connecting top executives of veteran-owned small businesses with leaders in government and industry with expertise in the federal contracting market. The three-day, 27-hour workshop is aimed at veterans who are senior, “C-level” executives of small businesses with about three employees, at least two years in operation, and less than $25 million in revenue.

VIP has helped 245 veteran-owned businesses win more government contracts. A recent survey of 30 of our earliest graduates found that they created 570 jobs and increased the size of their businesses by an average of 50 percent within a year after completing the VIP program. What’s more, veteran-owned businesses are more likely to hire, mentor and train other war veterans as they transition to private life.

The National Center for VIP is located at The Bolger Hotel and Conference Center in Potomac, Maryland. The first 2011 sessions took place from March 22-24, June 7-9, and October 18-20. 2012 sessions will be announced.

The VIP classes are offered to one executive from each of the enrolled veteran-owned businesses. Class size is limited to 50 individuals. Funded entirely by Montgomery County Chamber Community Foundation and VIP sponsors, the program is offered at no cost to participants. VIP enrollment is open to Veteran-owned businesses nationwide.

For info on VIP: Barbara Ashe, 301-738-0015 x215;

For additional information, please visit or  the Montgomery County Chamber Community Foundation.

Government Procurement Training Course
Special Forces Soldiers helping Special Forces Soldiers
Special Operations Warrior Foundation

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