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MacGyver Solutions, Inc
Cage: 7JP09
Service Disabled Veteran Owned,
Small Business
Motorcycle Parts
ATV/Util Trailers
423130 Tires
423830 Winches
Vendor Instructions
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Website Instructions:
  • To Create a 'Online Proposal':
    • Get all the part numbers for the items you need.
    • Log into with your Company ID.
    • Click 'Key in Order'.
    • Enter Part Numbers and Qty into Express Page.
    • Click 'Add Items to Cart'.
      • If there are multiple matches; carefully choose the correct supplier code for the product.
    • Click 'Toggle Costs' to see your price.
    • Add additional items if needed.
    • Click 'Preview Dealer Quote' to see Proposal.
      • Opens in New window (print or save for records).
    • Use 'Save Cart' to save proposal for future use.
  • To Place a Purchase Order
    • Retrieve saved order, or continue from Express Page.
    • Click 'Finalize Purchase Order'
    • If shipping to alternate address:
      • Click 'DROP SHIP' box and enter shipping address.
      • You CAN place multiple online orders for a single Purchase order.
    • Add any Note the the order using the 'Order Notes' box.
    • Change Payment Method to: Company P.O.
    • Enter full PO# in the Purchase Order # Box.
    • Click 'Place Order'
    • You may print or copy the Confirmation Page and record the Order Number in your systems.
    • Follow up this Electronic order with Paper Purchase order as your internal systems require for signature and acceptance.
  • To check status on Purchase Order
    • Log into with your Company ID.
    • Choose 'Orders->Check Status' from left menu.
      • I'm working on making this easier
    • Enter a Part number in the Orders with Part Number box.
    • Choose a Date Range to Search and click Search.
    • Search the 'Notes' column for the PO# you are checking on.
    •  Click the corresponding 'SO#' to view the order status.
    • It is possible that there will be more than a single SO# for your PO, so if not all parts are found, just search again using one of the part numbers you didn't see on the SO.
  • To Track a Shipment using a Purchase Order Number
    • Log into with your Company ID.
    • Click the 'Orders->View Shipments' from left menu.
    • Choose date range from Invoice (or yesterday for example)
    • Click Search
    • Notice Ref2 column includes PO#
    • Click Tracking number to track package.
  • To Re-Print an Invoice
    • Log into with your Company ID.
    • Click the 'Orders->Reprint Invoice' from left menu.
      • I'm working on making this easier
    • Choose the month from the pull down and click GO to view all invoices for a given month.
    • Search for your PO# and Ship Date.
    • Click Invoice # to view invoice.
    • Note: tracking numbers shown relate to ALL shipments for the date of the invoice; not the specific invoice you are viewing.
      • I'm working on making this better.
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