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How To Order / Quote
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To Receive Electronic Quote:

1) Use our Parts diagrams to find the part numbers you need to order on our Parts Diagram Manuals or our website. (if you already have manufacturer part numbers go to step 2)

2) Visit our 'QUICKORDER' page to enter the part numbers.

3) After all your parts have been added to the quick order page add the coupon code "military' to the Coupon Box and APPLY. Then  click the 'CHECKOUT' button near the bottom of the page; this will take you to the payment screen.

4) Setup an account by clicking the 'Create an Account' with us link near the top of the page; (this will allow you to check your order status and track shipping information).

5) Click 'SAVE AND CHECKOUT' when you've filled in the fields. (Please use your APO address for the order; you can put shipping instructions in later if needed. Your billing address should match the address on your procurement card.)

6) Once you are back to the checkout page verify that the parts you need are still listed and the quantities are correct.

7) Enter in the NOTES section of the order: "Military Order - Process Immediately" If you have questions about additional items just type them in this section and we'll take care of it. If you can't find a part number but you want us to ship you the item just add "also need **headlight bulb for 2005 MV700** or similar; we'll look up the parts and make sure you get them ASAP.

8) Choose payment method - the screen will show 'Credit Card/Gift Card' already; but you'll need to pull down the box and choose it anyway (sorry) once the card number blank is there you can enter your information and process the order. (USE "QUOTE ONLY" for Method of Payment to have a Quote emailed to you automatically)

    IF DECLINED and card should be valid (we have some pretty tight fraud stuff on the site) just choose COD as the method of payment and enter your credit card information in the 'NOTES' section of the screen. We will process the order offline and ship your parts.

9) Your finished! - Here are some notes to help you understand the process.

        - EMAIL: check your email daily after placing your order, we will notify you of receiving your order, any back order or discontinued items; as well as send shipping notification once the order is complete.

        - SHIPPING: your order will normally ship in 1-3 days from our warehouse; it is possible if everything on your order is in stock that your order could ship the same day. Normally we will ship the order via US Postal Service APO Address. If the order is VERY LARGE; or the items are larger than the post office allows we will need to contact you to receive a physical address in country and a Transportation Control Number for Defense Logistics  to forward the package to. Additional freight may be required if you order a large quantity of tires and/or fenders.

Still confused? email me using the contact page - I'm usually working 20hrs per day and always try to get back to soldiers within an hour or two of getting the email. or call my direct line at 217-254-3620 .

Finally: Thank you for your service and your family's sacrifice while you are away. Stay Safe!

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