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MacGyver Solutions, Inc
Cage: 7JP09
Service Disabled Veteran Owned,
Small Business

Motorcycle Parts
ATV/Util Trailers
423130 Tires
423830 Winches
Military Order Hints Page!
Call Mike Jackson at 217-254-3620 with Questions.
  • Dock Dates: Please set your estimated dock date at 10 days from purchase date.  You will be emailed information on Backorder items and requested to change Dock date for those items. In most cases the arrival of your products will be as follows:
    • Kawasaki Items - 3-4 Business Days
    • Polaris Items - 4-5 Business Days
  • Superseded Items: Please take careful note on the Quote Page of any Superseded items.  Supersede information is shown at the top of the page in Red when a part is added to the Quote. Items that show Superseded on our website are direct replacements as provided by the original manufacturer.  We do not suggest or offer 'substitute' items via our website.
  • Discontinued / NLA Items: Every effort will be made to fill orders for Discontinued parts but will be very limited since the supplier has chosen to no longer manufacturer the item.
  • Past Due Items: Every effort is made to deliver all products on time and accurately. In the event an item is showing as 'Past Due' please contact Mike so he can get an accurate Due Date so the order may be updated.
  • Mispack / Damage: In the event your receiving clerk finds a mis-pack or damaged item; please notify Mike Jackson Immediately so that a replacement may be shipped.  The item shorted/damaged will be credited and the replacement part re-invoiced so Accounting records will match shipping documents.
  • Re-allocation of Items to alternate PO: In the event a buyer or receiving clerk determines an item needs to be reallocated to another Purchase order, Please make sure and notify Mike Jackson so that he can properly invoice the item.
  • Other Stuff? Call or Email Mike Jackson - if enough buyers ask the question then the answer will be added to this page :)
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Background     Vehicles     Parts      Quotes     Pubs     MSDS      Support    
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