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UTTC: Carry two spare tires either on the side or the rear of your LTATV. Completely bolt-on and modular design. Can be removed or installed onto the carrier by a single individual. Contact Us
UTGCBM: Secure fuel cans from moving or bouncing with this fuel can security bar. Easily removable with quick and convenient access to fuel cans with a simple pull-pin to remove the bar. Contact Us
UTSMK: Made of durable aluminum, powder coated and rubber mounted. Designed for easy tie-down use and storage underneath. Contact Us
UTRES: Exhaust shield reduces noise and heat signature of your LTATV for quiet operation and mission success while also protecting your exhaust. Contact Us
UTGPS: Crossbar provides easy mounting of accessories such as GPS and radios while also operating as an additional grab bar for safety. Contact Us
UTFBK: Surround and protect the winch and winch mount with this bumper system. Dual upper tubes add strength while additional stay bars secure to prevent failure under heavy load or compression. Features two tie down anchor points. Contact Us
UTSP: Complete underside protection with multiple 3/16” aluminum plates that combine for unmatched and seamless rugged protection. Small removable panel
provides quick and easy access for oil filter changes.
Contact Us
CHSHOCK: High Performance Teryx Shocks.  Compression and Rebound adjustable. Custom built for Teryx 2 Seater. Contact Us
LTATVTRLR: Brand new to Chris Haines Off-Road - this specially designed ATV/UTV Trailer made for the specific needs of the warfighter and demanding environments. Contact Us
  CHTERYX: 2012 Kawasaki Teryx 750 (2 Passenger) with Chris Haines Up Fit Package installed and ready to deploy. Contact Us
HDSJ-24: 7500 lb, 24 inch Scissor Jack for Kawasaki Teryx HDSJ-24: 7500 lb, 24 inch Scissor Jack Units Can be bolted or welded onto frame. Static load capacity is 7500 pounds. Purchase jack crank separately for easy operation. (shown but sold separately) SJC-01, Scissor Jack Crank Buy Now
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